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Lohti is a bunny, and somewhat foxlike.

The Listings

Right you are, mysterious page-editing person. I am indeed an anthro-fox. Hello everybody, this here is Lohti. I seem to be gaining a reputation for being the most confused poster on Mayhem, as well as lately earning myself the title of "Armyfox", the reasons of which are quite simple, so I won't insult anyone's intelligence by saying it here.

Anyway, I'll start by listing all the role-playing games I'm involved in, as well as the characters I play as in them. These have diminished rapidly since my return from my long absence, so I'll be looking for new ones to join for quite a bit.

And here's a list of who all I know, and how we're doing.... The idea came from Loztein.

  • Ajac -- One of my oldest buddies, also rare to see on Mayhem.
  • Burningblood -- Definitely one of the weirder characters on mayhem. I have a suspicion that he edited this page...
  • ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkE -- Doesn't seem to post much anymore.(Hey, I still post! I just haven't found many good threads lately...ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkey)
  • Drayco -- Possibly one of the biggest names on Mayhem.
  • Lomgren -- The biggest name on Mayhem.
  • TingYi -- One of the "dead" posters. (What can I say? Call missing persons?)
  • Malachy19 -- Don't know him much.
  • eternaljwh -- Another M.I.A.
  • KylenPhylar -- Don't know him that well.
  • catldr24 -- Someone I accidentally mistook for a girl once.
  • Jbenant -- Hasn't been seen much lately. (I got better! Oh, and I took the liberty of fixing some of the spelling and grammar on this page. Capital letters are your friends! -Jbenant)

If you're not on here but you want to be, the best way is to talk to me! I can't say anything about you if I've never spoken to you, and it's virtually impossible for one person to talk to every new person to mayhem.

A new section, be this. Theme songs for my characters! (because they're just THAT cool!)

Please keep in mind, those are their theme songs, not videos.

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